For the Love of Birds Rescue & Sanctuary takes in birds to be placed up for adoption.

If you need to surrender your bird(s) to be placed for adoption, you can print out this Word document, fill it out and bring it in with you. Or you can always fill the form out in person.

Surrender Form --> 

To pre-qualify for adoption you can fill out this form and email it back or feel free to drop off in person.

Adoption Form --> 

You will never be charged anything to surrender your bird(s) to be placed for adoption. You can always make a donation of course, but it not required.


Cockatoos are the most re-homed and given up bird. They can and will be extremely loud (the Moluccan reaching 145db.) Most cockatoos are not suitable for apartment living because of their noise level. And because of these and many more reasons, any Cockatoo surrendered to For the Love of Birds Rescue & Sanctuary will not be put up for adoption. 

Or make a donation directly to the veterinary hospital that provides the care for these birds.

Goldenview Veterinary Hospital

885 Lupine St.

Golden, CO 80401

(303) 279-9182

All you need to do is call them at the number above and tell them you would like to make a donation to For the Love of Birds Rescue & Sanctuary account.  


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